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Is Physiotherapy Right for You?

Maybe your doctor has recommended physiotherapy for a recent injury. Or perhaps they advised it to help you deal with chronic pain or improve your current health and fitness. 

But you’re unsure. You’ve never attended a physiotherapy session before and you’re unaware of what physiotherapy benefits can offer you. 

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Want to find out if physiotherapy is right for you or not? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy aims to restore movement and function through manual therapy techniques, modalities, education and exercise. A physiotherapist can help maintain and improve the health of individuals at any age.

Physiotherapy further empowers the individual. It requires that you take a proactive approach and understanding to your health and well-being. 

In fact, physiotherapists treat a range of conditions including neurological disorders, neuromuscular skeletal conditions, cardiovascular incidences (such as rehab following a heart attack) and respiratory diseases. We’ll go into this in more detail below.

Physiotherapy Benefits: How Can it Help You?

A physiotherapist can treat a wide-range of conditions and injuries. And interestingly, it can even help improve a person’s quality of life in the face of a medical diagnosis. So, what are the benefits of physiotherapy? 

  1. It can help improve your mobility and flexibility

As we age, movement tends to get harder — but it doesn’t have to! A physiotherapist can help you stand, sit, walk and move better. Stretching and strengthening exercises, along with manual therapy techniques performed by your therapist, can help to improve your muscle and joint mobility and flexibility. Physiotherapists can further help a person get used to moving with an assistive walking device, such as a cane or a walker. 

  1. It can eliminate pain and discomfort

Techniques such as joint mobilization, as well as ultrasounds and other modalities help reduce pain, discomfort and limitations that might be associated with your injury or condition. The benefits of mobilizations are especially helpful, as the skilled therapist can pinpoint stiff joints and move them to restore normal function. Ultrasounds can also increase blood flow, improve healing and decrease inflammation. Electric stimulation machines and ice or heat may also be used to help alleviate your pain and promote healing and proper function.

  1. It can help you bounce back after an injury

Have you recently experienced an injury in your sport of choice or occupation? A physiotherapist can help you get back on the playing field or simply get back to work. Physiotherapy can help when it comes to sprains, strains, tears, fractures, back pain and more. During your treatment, you can expect exercises specifically tailored to your goals or sport, which will help you efficiently and safely return to your regular activities. Furthermore, physio always involves education about prevention to avoid recurring injuries from happening.

  1. It can help manage health conditions or illnesses

A physiotherapist is proficient in creating safe and effective exercise plans for a variety of conditions. For instance, exercise can help control blood sugar levels, contributing to improved health for diabetic patients. It can further help improve and manage vascular conditions, heart disease, lung disease, Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, certain pelvic conditions and more. It may also aid in the recovery process following surgery, such as heart surgery, joint replacement surgery or a stroke.

  1. It can help you age well

Physiotherapists are experienced in improving age-related issues such as osteoporosis, a lack of balance or decreased muscle mass. They can further prevent age-related issues by improving your balance and strength, thus preventing falls or injuries associated with falls. Furthermore, some physiotherapists specialize in problems with the vestibular system and can help relieve associated dizziness, nausea or vertigo.

Book Your Appointment Today! 

Almost anyone can benefit from a physiotherapy appointment. Whether you’ve recently suffered an injury, want to get back into shape or even prevent a future injury, a physiotherapist can help you reach your goals. They can also create an exercise program tailored for you, as well as an appropriate treatment plan, or even offer group exercise options. In fact, there are many benefits of group exercise in physiotherapy, such as improved social support and enhanced mental well-being. 

Your next step? Book an appointment with our team at ADM Ottawa Physiotherapy today. If you are not sure if physiotherapy is for you, ask about our Free Discovery session. If you know that ottawa physiotherapy is the answer to your problem, don’t delay by booking an assessment. Find out how physiotherapy can help you improve your life!